Keynote Speaker 1


Nama : Anto Satriyo Nugroho, Dr.Eng


2000-2003 Dr.Eng, Graduate School of Engineering, 博士(工学)
Dept.of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology Japan
1998-2000 M.Eng., Graduate School of Engineering 修士(工学)
Dept.of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Nagoya Institute of Technology Japan
1997-1998 Research Student, Dept.of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Nagoya Inst.of Technology, Japan
1991-1995 B.Eng., Dept.of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NagoyaInst.of Technology, Japan
1990-1991 Japanese Language Education at Kokusai Gakuyukai Nihongo Gakko, Tokyo
1989 Bandung Institute of Technology (T-IF),Indonesia
1986-1989 SMA Negeri 1 Surakarta, Indonesia
1983-1986 SMP Negeri 2 Surakarta, Indonesia
1977-1983 SD Negeri 15 Mangkubumen Lor Surakarta, Indonesia

Work Experiences

2003 -2004 Analis Kebijakan, Kelompok Teknologi Bahasa dan Informasi Terapan, PTIK BPP Teknologi
April 1, 2003 Visiting Professor, School of Computer & Cognitive Sciences, Chukyo University, Japan
April 1, 2004-2007 Visiting Professor, School of Life System Science & Technology Chukyo University, Japan
1989 – now Staff of Center for Information & Communication Technology (PTIK) The Agency of Assessment & Application of Technology (BPPT), Jakarta, Indonesia (Pangkat/Gol. : Penata / IIIc )


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Professional Affiliations

  1. IEEE (The Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers)
  2. IECI (Indonesian Society on Electrical, Electronics, Communication and Information), Chapter Japan, Division of Information System (2002/2003)

Teaching experiences

Chukyo University Japan (all lectures were delivered in Japanese)

  1. Special Lecture on Media Science V (Spring 2003)
  2. Algorithm & Data Structure I (Autumn 2004, 2005)
  3. Introduction to Human Body System Engineering : Bioinformatics (18 May 2005)
  4. Experiment on Life System Science
  5. Theme : Pattern Recognition using k-Nearest Neighbour Classifier (Spring 2005)
  6. Bioinformatics (Spring 2006)

Swiss German University, Serpong-Indonesia (all lectures were delivered in English)

  1. Introduction to Information Technology (September-December 2007)
  2. Introduction to Bioinformatics (September-December 2007, 2008)
  3. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (March-June 2008 )
  4. Research Methodology (September-December 2008)

Scholarships, Grant & Award

    1. Best paper award in Konferensi Nasional Sistem & Informatika, Sanur-Bali, 2008

    1. Favourite paper award in 15th Indonesian Scientific Conference in Japan (August 5, 2006)

  1. Research grant from The Hori Information Science Promotion Foundation(April 19, 2002)
  2. Won the first prize award of 99 Fog Forecasting Contest sponsored by Neurocomputing Technical Group of The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, Japan. (Contest Result)
  3. Monbukagakusho Scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture of Japan. (Dr.Eng. degree) 2000-2003
  4. Monbukagakusho Scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture of Japan. (M.Eng. degree) 1997-2000
  5. Scholarship from Scientific & Technology Manpower Development Program II – BPP Teknologi Indonesia (B.Eng. degree) 1990-1995


  1. Japanese: 1st level JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)
  2. English
  3. Indonesian
  4. Javanese


  • Steering committee workshop on CCCNS-2008 (Conf. on Computational, Computing & Non Linear Sciences), 3 Dec 2008, Kampus LIPI Pusat Jl.GatotSubroto
  • Anggota technical program committee International Conference on Advanced Computational Intelligence and Its Applications 2008, 1-2 September 2008, 15 Juni 2008
  • Anggota technical program committee, BME Days 2008
  • Chief Editor journal HBI (Himpunan Bioinformatika Indonesia), since 2006
  • Reviewer of national/international journals, including IEICE, SPIE (Int’l Soc. for Optical Engineering), MMCJ (Multimedia Cyberscape Journal), ISTECS (Inst. for Science & Technology Studies), International Journal of Computational Intelligence, Journal of Theoretical & Comp.Studies (, AutoSoft: The International Journal of Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing
  • Reviewer of 14th Indonesian Scientific Conference in Japan (September 3, 2005)15th Indonesian Scientific Conference in Japan (August 5, 2006)
  • Fund rising for Tsunami victims in Aceh
  • Komite Pengarah Semiloka Teknologi Simulasi dan Komputasi Serta Aplikasi, BPPT Jakarta, 22 November 2005



  1. Member of Indonesian team for 30th IMO in Braunschweig, West Germany 1989 (IMO: International Mathematical Olympiad). It is the second participation of Indonesia in this event, and also the first time to participate with full-team (six students).

Keynote Speaker 2


Yansen believes in social innovation, lifelong learning and grassroots movement. He’s always fascinated by how technology solves many problems, how it creates impact and make life better.

His belief led him to build Kibar, that aim to empower Indonesian creative talents by building and nurturing the foundation for tech startup ecosystem, from community meet ups, programming workshops, large-scale events, to joint-venture incubator with top local universities.

In February 2013, Kibar started FemaleDev with a mission to empower young female leaders in technology. Now, FemaleDev has more than 2,000 members, organized more than 60 workshops in 10 major cities across Indonesia. Yansen is also Country Champion for Google Business Group (GBG) Indonesia, a community that aggregates small medium businesses to grow their companies using technology. Started in December 2011, right now GBG has 13 chapters across Indonesia who actively organizes workshops and meet-ups. Right now GBG Indonesia has more than 1 million followers on Google+.

He currently falls in love with education technology, open government, sustainable tourism, collaborative economy and smart city solutions.